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OBD Header

Check Engine Light:

In order for all mechanical and electronic systems to work properly, they must have sensors capable of constantly measuring the proper working of each system. The Check Engine Light is an onboard diagnostic system better known by its acronym in English OBD II (On Board Diagnostic).

We as drivers are not psychic. The only thing an on-board diagnostic system shows us is that we need to take our car into a mechanic so they can figure out what’s wrong with our cars and what we need to buy to fix it. Since we invest both time and money into our mechanics, it’s important to make sure that the person you go to for auto troubles is capable of diagnosing your engine problems and fixing them in a cost-efficient manner. Most important of all is that the shop in question has an auto scan system, which is an electronic interface that is connected to a terminal of the car from through which mechanics can determine specific faults in your vehicle.


Modern vehicles are equipped with onboard computer diagnostic system (OBD II), which controls the workings of your vehicle. The OBD II system manages the emission control system. This means that the controls are capable detect everything from a fuel cap not closed to a clogged catalyst. If the light "check engine" lights, it means that you must take your vehicle in for inspection as soon as possible. If the light is flashing, the driver must park the car and turn it off immediately before serious engine or emission system damage occurs.

Any possible failures or sensors that register values are encoded in the car’s computer. Each error code marking indicates a part that has to be examined in order to correct that error or determine the reason for a flashing OBD.

My OBD is on, should I fear for my life?

If the light comes on does not mean your car is a death trap or that you have five seconds to escape a potential nuclear explosion, you have to do is call Tires & More and schedule a review of your vehicle. However, many times when the auto computer turns on and your vehicle detects the failure, it may try to compensate for the problem by adjusting its functional parameters. This can lead to increased fuel consumption of your vehicle or malfunction of the electrical system.

That's the last thing driving the check engine light turned on for long brings problems and bad performance to your vehicle, and can result in accident to distract you when driving.

Tips if the Check Engine light comes on

- Check your user manual often says it means in your model of vehicle this light.

- See other witnesses as level or temperature and light oil

- In some vehicles the yellow check engine research indicates a possible problem and - if red, suggests stopping the vehicle immediately.

- If you notice any loss of engine power, reduce the load

- Check that radiator, oil and fuel caps are properly closed


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    North Platte, Ne 69101                                                      Monday  -  Friday             08:30 am      6:00 p.m.

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