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The braking system of a car is essentially designed to stop the vehicle at will Brake Diagramand need. The brake system of a car consists of two auxiliary systems, the handbrake, which we use when driving, and the parking brake, which is used to stop the car in case of emergencies or any failure in the main system. In most cars, the handbrake is activated via two wires into drums or brake discs, whereas the parking brake is mechanical.

A brake is a device used to stop or slow movement of a body--generally a shaft, drive shaft or drum. Brakes are power transformers which function by transforming the kinetic energy of a body into heat or work and in this sense can be viewed as "extractors" of energy.

Friction brakes: Friction brakes are designed to act by frictional forces, Heat is converted into kinetic energy for the body to decelerate. Always consists of a fixed body to which a body is pressed to decelerate. They are widely used in vehicles.

Band brakes: They use a flexible band, the grips or pads are applied to put tension on a cylinder or rotary drum which is integral with the axis being controlled. The band putting pressure exerts friction which dissipates the kinetic energy into heat regulating body.

Disc Brake: A disc brake is a device whose function is to stop or reduce the speed of rotation of a wheel. Usually made of steel, is attached to the wheel or axle.

Brake drum: drum brake is a kind of brake in which the friction is caused by a pair of shoes or pads which press against the inner surface of a rotating drum, which is connected to the shaft or the wheel.

Brake Rim: They use a moving body the on rim of a wheel. Are widely used in bicycles and there are several types.

What are anti-lock brakes (ABS)?

Anti-lock brakes are a system designed to help ensure maximum braking power under hazardous road conditions. When a car typically brakes, the tires cease rotation nearly immediately, and stop rotating until your foot leaves the brake pedal. Althoug hthis is helpful in certain situations, in others, it might leave your car skidding tractionless off the road. The way an ABS system prevents this is by slowly activating and releasing your brakes, helping your tires to maintain traction while still decelerating the vehicle.

We should note that the braking of a vehicle involves many other parts like the brake pedal, main, central, and auxiliary Pumps, valves, etc. Over time, all important parts of brake systems need care and maintenance.  Find it at Tires & More

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